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Our Mission

Holmes Inspection Company is focused on helping to eliminate radon related deaths by raising awareness, providing education, and innovative technology with superior accuracy and professionalism.

Demand a Radon Test

Our electronic tests help ensure the radon in your home is at an acceptable level and under the EPA's recommended action level.

Don't let ANYONE sell you a home without knowing the Radon Level

Your health and the health of your family are too important to take chances with anything other than a Certified Radon Report. The EPA, The Surgeon General, and The American Cancer Society all recommend that every home be tested for radon. Nearly 21,000 people per year die with radon related lung cancer. However, today most home buyers are still unaware of the danger. Fewer homes are being tested year after year as home sellers attempt to cut costs. While elevated levels of radon can be a serious problem, there is a simple solution to finding peace of mind in your new home purchase. Insist that your home have a Electronic Radon Test by a neutral 3rd party home inspector that is an EPA Trained and Certified Radon Measurement Specialist.

Work with the Best in the Business

The knowledgeable inspectors at Holmes Inspection Company are always available to provide reliable, accurate information and guidance to address the questions and concerns of all involved parties. Our highly trained and skilled radon measurement specialists (not just the home inspector) review all test results for indications of influence caused by severe storms, closed house conditions or possible instrument disturbance or malfunction.

Be Safe and Confident 

Your health and safety should be important factors in your choice of a new home. When your home inspector uses an electronic testing monitor, hanging charcoal air kits or charcoal canisters you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have accurate measurements of the radon levels in your new home. By insisting on only a Radon Test Report from an EPA trained and Certified Radon Measurement Specialist, you'll know your buying decision was made with confidence.

Work with the best - Choose Holmes Inspection Company - EPA Trained and Certified Radon Measurement Specialists / home inspectors who use Electronic Radon Monitors

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Why have so many Kansas and Missouri families chosen Holmes Inspection Company to test their homes for Radon?


We care about your family’s health and well-being.

  Over 25 years of Radon Testing & Sampling experience.
We are trained professionals with high quality equipment like electronic testing monitors, hanging charcoal air kits or charcoal canisters depending on your needs.

We work with all other real estate professionals, BUT our client is our #1 priority.

We Test only. To prevent a conflict of interest Holmes Inspection Company does NOT install or work on Radon Mitigation Systems (we do have highly experienced radon contractors we can refer you to if they are needed or wanted by you).